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Do you have live music?

We'd love to, but have a vendetta with the music licensing industry and refuse to give them any more of our money beyond Spotify for Buinsess. IF we have live music, it will be with unsigned talent playing their own unsigned music. If you're a musician and wanna roll with that, send us a message. Because ASCAP/BMI are *the wooooorst*.


Do you have food?

We do not have a kitchen but do have pretzels/popcorn to snack on. Feel free to bring a picnic or order in from one of the local restaurants in the area. Keep en eye on our calendar and social media for food trucks, etc.

Close by:

Luisa's Mexican Grill

Luigi's Pizza

Capo's Pizza

The Pub (Madison)  (delivery  coming soon!)

Do you do private events?

Sure! This will depend on dates/times etc, but we have semi-private events for 10-15 people in the plant room, or, if you want to rent the full facility, we'd be down to party for any non-weekend day. Best to message us and we can help on a case by case situation. For anything wedding related,  talk to our partner Epic Elopments.

Do you have anything besides beer?

We have an amazing wine list/flights curated by local wine expert Lauren Fiala and a few cocktails. If you're looking for a full bar experience we'll defer you to one of the lovely pubs in our area. We're all about the beer, baby. 

Are you family friendly?

All are welcome at Darkroom, but we're not changing the radio station if N.W.A comes on.

What are your hours?

mon/tues/thurs: 2-8pm

fri/sat: 12-10pm

sun: 12-8pm

Who did your mural?

Designed by ER Creative  and executed by Rachel Talty. You'll notice all the fish that appear are true species of Lake Erie (Rachel does not skimp on the deets).

What's the parking situation?

The City of Geneva has AMPLE street parking and free lots. Depot St. lot and street parking on SR 534/Broadway are the closest. 

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