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The beer-aucratic snail

craft beer and snail

Well, my brilliant plan to keep everyone updated on a weekly basis was thwarted once we arrived at the permitting part of our journey. Fed and State liquor apps are in and we are now accepting bets on dates when they will come back from the bog of backlog that currently plagues state liquor control (not officially of course - stand down, Gaming Control Board). Currently, we're waiting on drawings to get local building permits. We appreciate the time and artistry and code enforcement and all that research, but sheesh!

But, our contractor is hard at work, a little shocked at the size of the building in which we purchased and asking things like "what are you going to do in all that space here, here and here" and us shrugging like total professionals. Poor guy. But here's a shot of his desk that our project has taken over.

Stay tuned, beer fans - we're hoping for more excitement soon!

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