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And the walls come-a-tumblin' down.

Happy Wednesday, beer fans! We've been busy clearing out space on both floors of our building. We were delighted to discover that we have people in our lives who like us enough haul buckets of drywall, assemble scaffolding, tear up carpet, and many other tasks no one wants to do in their free time. You all are awesome.

The Corner Office

Moving on upstairs, we cleared all three former office rooms. The center room housed THE WORLD'S HEAVIEST CUBICLES covered in indestructible carpet. These took Gino and several saws to battle, but he prevailed!

Stay tuned for more toils - we're about to strip the newly uncovered floors upstairs and have some scaffolding fun on floor 1 (both floors have 12' ceilings by the way, and Gino suffers from acrophobia, making this super fun for him!) Cheers!

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