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We've got ourselves a Mexican Standoff

Hey beer fans, it's been a while, no?

Yikes, we haven't posted a blog since September. Time flies when you're in a global emergency I guess. The good news is, there has been progress, despite our lack of posts. Our badass architect is amazing and I think we're gonna have one sexy looking brewery once we open. By the way, we're pretty pumped about working with A Neider Architecture, a woman owned Architectural Firm specializing in historic renovation (**looks at our 1900s row building less nervously**)

So our second iteration of plans are in review and that's where things get a little....

The current situation is, since we haven't received our building permit, we can't get Health Dept. approval, because we need the building permit to, you know, build things like sinks, restrooms etc. And our liquor permit can't be issued until the Health Dept. signs off on those pesky hand washing sink requirements.

Meanwhile...headlines like this are making us super excited about purchasing building materials once we do get that permit issued: "New construction projects cost $36,000 more because of an epic shortage of lumber".

We'll cross that bridge when we get there ;)

Stay cool and we'll be toasting with you soon!



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