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Week 3

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Holy crap, you guys, someone let us buy a building three weeks ago! We've been keeping busy:

1. We're flying a fancy new logo from the amazing imagination of @er.creative_cle!

Our building in Downtown Geneva was the former Rapid Photo photography studio, many a local resident had their little league or senior photos taken there. I LOVE A GOOD THEME and have been stewing on how to incorporate photography and beer, and while they're not inherently related, I've got some ideas. ALSO, some rad friends of ours donated some old photography equipment to help our inspo (THANK YOU Jamie and Scotty B!):

2. We're trying not to mess up our liquor license application. It seems approachable enough but everyone we've even mentioned it to has responded "DON'T FRIG IT UP OR YOU GET SENT TO THE BOTTOM OF A VERY LARGE PILE" which has us a little spooked.

3. demo Demo DEMO

When we're not feeling very inspired to do paperwork, we start knocking down walls and tearing up carpet. A few progress shots:

Thanks for tuning in, beer fans! We'll keep annoying you with our speed of smell progress :)

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