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Start a new business in THIS economy? Hold my beer.

Well, hello there! Welcome to the fermenting stages of Darkroom Brewing Co., AKA a harrowing tale of a brewery in progress.

A year ago, my lovely assistant and I were possessed by some mischievous spirit and decided to become entrepreneurs and start a small business in rural Ohio. And not just any business, a brewery!

"But wait a minute..." I hear you saying, "craft breweries have already peaked. Also, there's a pandemic, ya losers. Enjoy bankruptcy." To which I'd respond "....YEA, MAYBE." But we have our reasons, and surprisingly, the trust of a bank, and possibly a few other areas of untapped borrowing potential (Mom and Dad, I really need you to call me back), so we're going all in and praying for daylight while enjoying the suds.

Join us as we throw our life savings, financial security and comfortable standard of living out the window in an attempt at brewing glory! (excitedly sobs)

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